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Resume Formats/Styles

The two most popular resume styles are: 

                1.    Chronological    

                2.   Functional or Skills Set

CHRONOLOGICAL: This is the “old standard,” where you begin by 

describing the responsibilities, accomplishments, and duties of your 

most recent job, and then work back through your work history, 

doing the same for each job. 

Strengths – This is the type of resume employers are used to seeing. 

It can be very effective, particularly if you are looking for a job similar 

to your most recent job, or one that is the next logical step up.

FUNCTIONAL / SKILLS SET: This style is becoming more popular 

for several reasons:

CONCISENESS – Because you describe your best and MOST 

ELEVANT experience in subject-related groups, you don't need 

to repeat descriptions as you might in a chronological resume 

where you have done the same thing at different jobs. This 

style will often enable you to keep your resume to one page. 

Also, if the relevant experience you want to emphasize is back 

a few years in your job history, you can bring it forward and talk 

about it first - so it is less likely to get “buried.” 

FOCUS – You choose the focus, making this style especially 

useful to job seekers who want to change fields or emphasize 

selected strengths / talents.

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