A Great . . . RÉSUMÉ !

Your resume . . . a picture drawn with words, capturing you

in the best light!


Most people fall into one of two categories – starting from scratch, or working

with (strengthening, updating) an existing resume.

If you have an existing resume that needs to be:

· updated,

· strengthened/edited, or

· reformatted . . .

I offer a free 15-minute consultation – we look at what you have (you can

bring your existing resume in, fax it or e-mail it to me), and we then discuss

what you are trying to do / what your target job is. I will tell you what

approach and changes I would propose, and give you a cost estimate.

To completely write / develop a resume involves two appointments, and can be

accomplished either in-person or via telephone, e-mail, or fax.

THE FIRST APPOINTMENT – consists of consulting on format and brainstorming

your strengths and talents, accomplishments, marketable skills and experience,

and your education and training. The first session usually lasts about an hour

and a half to two hours. At the end of this appointment we will have a pretty

good draft of your resume, which you take home to review. I take this time

to strengthen the wording, and I will review any materials you leave with me . . .

previous resumes, letters of recommendation, performance reviews. I will also

compare the resume we have developed to your target job postings/descriptions –

to be sure we are speaking to the skills and background the employer is looking

for and that we are using the right key words.

THE SECOND APPOINTMENT – we do the final editing and and proofing –

which usually takes from 30 minutes to an hour.

Included are electronic copies (in Word and PDF formats) of your completed resume,

and 10 copies on your choice of bond paper.

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